Saturday, May 21, 2011


Yesterday my friends and I went to our last school dance! It was a dece night but we ended up leaving early because most grade 12 boys were kicked out cause admin was breathalyzing everyone :/ We left two hours earlier and drove around town, apparently all the grads went to someone else's house to party. We decided to drive by and it looked really wild, so we decided not to go in. Good choice!
Our dance was neon themed, so my two friends and I went out the day before in search for neon clothing. We bought matching tutu's and similar tops from Urban Planet! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mini photoshoot

I was really bored yesterday and for the first time I didn’t have homework, also I didn’t have to stay after school! I took some pictures at my backyard. Than slept for 10hours, hehe! Life…<3 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A peek of my weekend! pt.2

An unforgettable night (irony) 

My friend Alex recently had a birthday party at Boston Pizza and the Embassy suite! I had a blast! Here are some pictures! (:  crazy night, randoms in the hotel room, "headache"…   -__-

Happy mama day ~

The day before mother’s day, I walked to my local mall (45 min walk?) and to Walmart (extra 5min walk?) to buy mommy flowers for mother’s day (:  It didn’t help that I’ve walked all day the day before, my legs were sore and I walked a bunch that day too. -__- Mom my pissed at me for never being home, but she understood why I wasn’t home that day (: Mommy ended up loving it <3 woo! 


A peek of my weekend! pt.1

Restaurant dates <3 

After school my friend and I decided that we want to go out and eat. We settled for crepe’s downtown but our only way there was by walking. An hour and 20mins of walking we ended up buying some crepe’s, they were delicious! We walked around downtown and stopped by boutique stores, they’re so cute! But we were still hungry, so we stopped by a Japanese restaurant for some noodles. Yum!

We honestly make plans during our bus ride home, never in advance! I love my random hangouts with her! <3